(MUSIC/AUDIO): Reginald A. O. ft. IFE – Corper Shun(Prod. By AJ)

Felix Okoye


The word Corper Shun in this song is a revelation that every Nigerian is a service man or woman, irrespective of the compulsory service scheme. Voting for a political aspirant, working to earn a living, invariably boosting the economy is a service to the nation. Therefore in the place of compatriots in the first line of the National anthem, Corper Shun was replaced to communicate the idea of service to the nation to the end that we should rise and fix the problems of Nigeria.

The song by Reginald A. O. and IFE calls out civilians for not voting right. It calls out civil servants who can’t serve. It calls out politicians who takes everything for themselves. The song blames everyone as the cause of the Nigerian problem, and calls everyone as service men/women (Corper shun) to fix it.


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DOWNLOAD Reginald A. O. – Corper Shun

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