Countries you can travel to, from Nigeria without visa

Bangladesh (Visa on arrival)

Barbados (Visa free for 6 months)

Benin Republic (Visa free)


Burkina Faso (Visa free)

Burundi (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Cameroon (Visa free)

Cape Verde (Visa on arrival)

Chad (Visa free)

Comoros Island (Visa on arrival)

Cole d’lvoire (Visa free)

Djibouti (Visa on arrival)

Dominican (Visa free for 21 days)

Fiji Island (Visa free for 4 months)

Gambia (Visa free for 90 days)

Georgia (Visa on arrival)


Ghana ( New rule coming out soon and no more Visa free)

Guinea (Visa free)

Guinea Bissau (Visa free for 90 days)

Haiti (Visa free for 90 days)

Iran (Visa on arrival)

Kenya (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

Liberia (Visa free)

Madagascar (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

Maldives (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Mali (Visa free)

Mauritania (Visa on arrival)

Mauritius (Visa free for 90 days)

Micronesia (Visa free for 30 days


Mozambique (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Nauru (Visa on arrival)

Niger Republic (Visa free)

Palau (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Samoa (Visa on arrival for 60 days)

Senegal (Visa free)

Seychelles (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Sierra Leone (Visa free)

Somalia (Visa on arrival)

Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorization)

Tanzania (Visa on arrival)

Timor-Leste (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Togo (Visa free)

Tuvalu (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Uganda (Visa on arrival)

Vanuatu (Visa free for 30 days)

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